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In development environments, testing features that require sending emails, such as password resets or email confirmations, is a common task.

If you're using a 3rd party email delivery service and you're running lots of integration tests it's possible that your email reputation will decrease. This can be avoided by using a virtual SMTP instead of using up your reputation and email limits for integration tests.

If you're relying on a third-party email delivery service for numerous integration tests, there's a risk that your email reputation may suffer. This issue can be avoided by opting for a virtual SMTP server, which allows for integration testing without using your outbound email quota or affecting your reputation

Mailisk supports this via it's SMTP which can be used to send emails to any valid Mailisk address within your namespace. There are no outbound limits to using SMTP, received emails will go normally towards your monthly limit.

To find your SMTP credentials for a specific namespace, go to your namespace settings and open the additional settings:


For examples on how to use SMTP see the NodeJS section.