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Namespace Expiration

Namespaces belonging to free users expire one month after creation. Upon expiration, all received emails within the namespace are deleted, and the subdomain is released for use by other users.

Free users can add a new random namespace at any time before or after their current namespace expires. If the limit on the number of namespaces is reached, you may delete an existing namespace to create a new one, effectively resetting the expiration timer for this new namespace.

Why do namespaces expire?

We provide free users with one random subdomain. To prevent the hoarding of short subdomains by inactive users, we have implemented an expiration policy. This ensures that subdomains can be recycled and made available for active users.

How can I keep a namespace from expiring?

Upgrading to any paid plan will eliminate the expiration time for both your current and any future namespaces. For more information on the differences between the paid and free plans, visit the pricing page.